About Me

Hi, I'm Jamie Joshua

I believe we’re at our best when we live in alignment with our values, regardless of the role we occupy in an organization or the profession we work in. I’m on a mission to help others create fulfillment personally and professionally. 

Through the coaching process, I help my clients:

  • Uncover their inner strengths and hidden talents
  • Clear away internal roadblocks to success
  • Activate their uniqueness and ability to connect with power
  • Stand firm in their values
  • Lead and manage through connection

Sometimes we know a multitude of strategies, but don’t know how to connect them to who we are as individuals and put them into action. I’m passionate about helping people strike the balance between being and doing by translating coaching principles into a strategy that resonates for them.

My Story

Your best life happens when you live in alignment with your values!

My journey into coaching started during my time as a doctoral student in biology. Despite my many daily successes, and despite being in a PhD program, I struggled with lack-of-purpose and direction. I was going through my life checking all the boxes that society reinforced, and I was trapped by thinking that my doctoral program was the natural progression of all my studies. I felt so much unease with my path, but had no idea how to get off it, or even that I could, or should opt for a different career. My unease grew and grew and slowly started to erode my natural confidence and enthusiasm.

A fateful intervention by my family, and mentors I respected gave me the confidence to take a sharp departure from the path I was on.

I quit my PhD program and left with a Master’s in Science. Now what? Being Indian American, my parents wanted me to have a plan and a direction. Still uncertain, I decided to try law school thinking I could marry my science background to a law practice working on patents.

I LOVED law school. For the first time I felt like I was where I needed to be, and I was heading in the right direction for myself, and not for anyone else. I was ready to take on the world. And then I graduated in 2008 facing the worst recession for my profession, and almost zero jobs.

I persisted and found my first job practicing law. Of course, that wasn’t my happy ending, but that job taught me the most about how important it is to live in alignment with my values, regardless of my role. Despite practicing in an area that didn’t resonate with me, I was able to advocate for my clients and I learned how to manage and lead in hierarchical organizations without sacrificing my need to connect with others as individuals.

Switching out of my PhD program and into law gave me the strength and clarity I needed to begin discerning what values I wanted to activate in work. And that internal work led me from working as a lawyer to a career where I’m able to advocate for others and make a difference in the communities I work with.

I’d love to help you find the clarity and purpose you’re seeking. Sign up for an appointment to explore coaching with me.