I help young professionals,  graduates, and students  identify and chart a course to the life they want to lead.


Through co-active coaching, my clients gain the clarity and motivation to remove the roadblocks holding them back from living the lives they most want to lead.

Why Coaching?

Hi, I ‘m Jamie Joshua

I know from personal experience how hard it is to tap into your potential and find the clarity and confidence to live your values. I’ll help you connect to who you are and build confidence in your choices, capabilities, and goals. The answers you’re seeking lie within you! Through coaching, my clients are able to operate at their full potential and make incredible progress toward their personal and professional goals.

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Struggling with a decisive choice, a big challenge, or just day-to-day stress?
 I’ll help you work on connecting with your inner-self and move to action!
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Clients Reviews


Coaching with Jamie Joshua has been a phenomenal experience. I felt stagnant about where I was headed next. Jamie gave me the space to reflect and discover my life’s purpose....Read more

John Taylor Chavis III

Before working with Jamie, I was curious and hardworking, but I couldn’t help but feel that my hard-work was lacking efficiency, direction, and results. I approached personal coaching content with my current state, but eager to be a better, happier, more accomplished version of myself....Read more

Michael A

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